Bunch organisation

This event is not a race and riders can go at their own pace from the start. This is different from previous rides where we rode together as a bunch until we reached the Claude Road cemetery where Nic is buried. Please select the bunch suitable for your ability and ride at a speed that you know you can maintain for the full distance.

If a rider can't keep up with the bunch they start with they will be able to drop back to the next bunch or continue riding by yourself. If a rider from the slowest bunch is dropped the tail vehicle will check with them that they are allright and able to continue by themselves and then pass them to stay with the bunch.

We will have a "Broom Wagon" that will come along behind the slowest rider and if it is obvious that rider is not going to make the next check point by the cut off time that rider will be given the option of being picked up and taken to the next check point or if they don't want to be picked up they will be de-registered from the ride and will then continue by themselves without support.