Cut-off times

We need to have riders complete the different sections of the ride within a time frame that allows us to complete the event in a timely manner.

We need to be clear of the Cradle Mountain National Park as early as possible as we are riding during the peak tourist season.

We have refreshments provided at the Moina Tavern and the Sheffield Hotel after the ride so again we need to be able to start and conclude these on time.

Dropping Out

A sweep system will be in place to collect any riders who cannot continue due to either fatigue, mechanical failure, or who fall behind the cut-off time schedule. Vehicles will be travelling the route to collect participants where required and will operate more regularly at the tail end of the event.


If you withdraw from the event it is vital that you give your name to a steward or marshal so that you can be accounted for.

Main Challenge cut off times

  Moina Dove Lake Moina Sheffield
Cut off Time 8:45am 10:45am 12:30pm 2:15pm
Cumulative Distance 30 km 63 km 96 km 126 km
Cumulative Time 1hr 45min 3hr 45min 5hr 30min 7hr 15min


Mini Challenge cut off times

  Dove Lake Moina
Cut off Time 10:30am 12:30pm
Cumulative Distance 33 km 66 km
Cumulative Time 2hr 30min 4hr 30min