Who was Nic?

Nic Easton was an exceptional multi talented person who was loved and respected by all who knew him. He loved cycling and used to ride regularly in his adopted home city of Adelaide and in Tasmania when he returned to his true home.

When is Nic's Cradle Challenge 2016?

Sunday 28th February 2016 - 7am start for the main challenge starting from Sheffield and 7.30am for the Mini Challenge starting from Moina.

Who organises the event?

Nic's family and friends. The original organising committee of Nic's Cradle Challenge Inc. for 2014 and 2015 was Nic's fiancee, Jasmin Tait van Leuven, his sister Georgia Chapman, his cycling mentor and friend from Adelaide Nic Zuraw ,and his father Ric Easton.
For the 2016 event Jasmin has moved off the committee and Nic's brother James Davis and his brother-in-law Nathan Chapman have joined the committee.
Nic's Cradle Challenge Inc. is an incorporated association - ABN: 81 321 021 883

What speed do I need to maintain?

There will be riders of most abilities and there will be no restriction on how fast you can ride. However, we need to finalise the event so you would need to be able to average close on 20km/hr rolling time over the entire course assuming total breaks of about an hour. The cut off time for riders returning to Sheffield is 2.30pm. Separate cut off times apply to the various rest points.
For the Mini Challenge a longer time is allowed so you will need to be able to average around 16.5km/hr rolling tiime assuming a half hour stop at Cradle Mountain.

What happens if it is raining on the day/

Only in exceptional dangerous weather conditions will the event be cancelled. Otherwise we ride and get wet.

What insurance is provided?

Every rider is covered for personal accident and death and public liability by Cycling Australia's (CA) insurance. If you are already a CA member you are automatically covered. For all over riders insurance will be taken out for the day so you will receive the same cover.