Nic was challenged during his treatment for leukaemia and responded in a positive way to those challenges.

We offer you the opportunity to take on the challenge of one of our rides. We will encourage you, support you and recognise your achievements. We have a training plan which will help you prepare and full support will be available during the event. But you will need to push yourself - neither of these rides is easy.

We have allowed plenty of time for you to complete the Mini Challenge and want to encourage you to give it a try. You might even be like some riders and go on to complete the full Nic's Cradle Challenge the following year. Or you might want to take on the full challenge for your first ride.

The experienced rider will find Nic's Cradle Challenge a difficult course - "one of the hardest of its length I have ridden" was a comment from 2015.

Nic's Cradle Challenge - Sheffield to Cradle Mountain and return.

28th Februray 2016

Distance: 126km    Elevation Gain: 2500+m



Mini-Challenge - Moina to Cradle Mountain and return.

28th Februray 2016

 Distance: 66km,   Elevation Gain: 1210m