What to Bring

To complete the challenge you will be spending a fair bit of time on the road training. Here are the essential items we suggest you take for your training rides and bring for the day.
1. Water

Whether you take water or a drinks supplement, we highly recommend that you have two water bottles with you. If your bicycle does not currently have two bottle cages, it is relatively cheap to pick a second cage up at a bike shop or perhaps consider a small backpack that contains a hydration pack.

2. Food

Choose food you enjoy, that is easy to consume on the go, provides the energy you need and will easily fit in your jersey pockets. Possible options include bananas, muesli bars or sports bars. Food will be available at the scheduled stops on Nic’s Cradle Challenge but we recommend you start with ample food to address your individual needs throughout the ride.

3.  Front and rear lights.

Make yourself visible.

4. Pump

Pumps can either be attached to your bicycle frame, slip into your jersey pocket or saddle bag. They are essential for any ride as you never know when you’ll get a puncture. Whether you use a traditional pump or CO2 gas, make sure you don’t leave home without one! Before you buy one, make sure that it suits your type of bicycle and will fit your valve type, as not all pumps fit all bicycle valves.

5. Spare Inner Tube(s)

Always carry at least one inner tube with you on every ride. Making sure that it’s the correct size and valve type for your wheels. If you do puncture on a ride and need to change the inner tube, remember to either take your punctured inner tube with you or place it in a bin. For speed, most riders will replace the inner tube, rather than do a road-side repair.

6.Tyre Levers

If you are unlucky enough to get a puncture, your need to get the tyre off your rim quickly and easily. Tyre levers will do this, they are also handy for getting the final section of the tyre back on the wheel after you’ve replaced the inner tube. If you have never replaced an inner tube before, check out the many YouTube videos explaining how to do it!

7. Mobile Phone

Ensure it is fully charged before you go. You may want to place it in a zip-lock sandwich bag to protect it from sweat and the elements – or there are a number of neoprene phone pouches available on the market that will perform the same job. Please note, that some of the route on Nic’s Cradle Challenge will have no mobile phone coverage.

8. Clothing for Cold and Wet conditions

It’s always useful to have a small water proof rain jacket. Some are so small they will easily fit into a jersey pocket. They also keep out the cold wind for those descents that easily chill to the bone. Arm warmers and leg warmers may be required as you get into the high country near Cradle Mountain.

9. Emergency Money

Be prepared, you may have five flat tyres and need a taxi, or run out of food and need to buy something. Or
more importantly, you may wish to buy a nice soothing latte when you reach a café. Whatever the reason,
it’s always handy to have a small amount of cash and/or a bank card with you. In addition, a $5 note is a
handy accessory for a hole in your tyre!